A Comprehensive, Integrated Solution is the Best Choice!

At FEBA Security, we ensure the quality of protection received is of the highest caliber. A trained consultant will walk you through every step of the process. Because all of our services are integrated, we’re able to deduce the most accurate picture of what’s happening during a time of high urgency. While we hope you and your business never need to use any of our emergency services, we assure that you’ll have peace of mind and have made the right decision in choosing FEBA Security.


Armed and Unarmed Security – FEBA Security personnel are trained in strategic thinking and threat assessment protocols designed to peacefully prevent incidents and not simply react to them. Our professionals are trained, experienced, and available to work unarmed or armed, according to client needs.


Government Agencies – FEBA Security provides customized security solutions and logistics support for federal, state and local governments.



Commercial Facilities – FEBA Security offers a variety of security services for businesses that include access control, customer service, emergency response and planning, abandoned properties, and system integration. Our commercial facilities include but not limited to constructions sites, corporate facilities, educational facilities, healthcare facilities, and sanctuaries.



Background Investigation – And we know that every relationship benefits from professionalism, attention to detail, and focus. Our goal is to increase employee and customer satisfaction by offering an efficient, accurate, affordable, and secure screening experience. We conduct investigations with integrity and precision.



Fingerprinting – We help businesses make critical hiring decisions with confidence. We utilize an electronic fingerprinting process called Live Scan that is easier to use, less time consuming, less messy, and far more accurate than traditional ink fingerprinting background checks. Fingerprints are electronically transferred to the Department of Justice with results returned in 24-48 hours.





Third Party QA/QC – We develop partnerships with our customers to develop a sound approach to proactively assess programs for performance deficiencies and implement effective corrective actions. Our clearly written policy and standard operating procedures require our employees to conduct self-inspections to verify work is completed correctly.



Executive Protection – FEBA Security personnel is experienced in protecting high-net-worth individuals.  FEBA Security personnel knows how to identify potential threats and are ready to protect the client at all times.



Special Events – FEBA Security understands each event has a unique personality and mix of attendees. We customize a unique solution to achieve the desired result. From concerts to large corporate events to smaller private parties, we learn the environment and match the personnel to fit the event profile. The goal is to provide the maximum-security presence required.




  • Active Shooter Training
  • Security Table Top Exercises
  • Law Enforcement Integration
  • Emergency Relief Training
  • Loss Prevention Solutions
  • Community Emergency Relief Training
  • Advanced Security Services
  • Workplace Violence
  • National Weapons Detection Training Program