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Thousands of American veterans are being reintroduced into civilian life ready to utilize advanced leadership skills, a strong work ethic and highly sought after talents to advance their careers at a top performing organization. Our nations men and women who answered the call of duty to serve for us are coming home.

FEBA Security recognizes this as a win/win opportunity and we are exercising our duty to act by implementing the “We L.I.K.E. Vets” Initiative. Differentiating our model is a holistic program presenting a world class Veteran Talent Acquisition model based on a complete platform encompassing five tiers that enrich the total veteran employee life cycle. They include Corporate Culture, Leadership, Recruitment, On-boarding and Career Growth and Support.

FEBA Security’s goal is to honor and show appreciation for the service and sacrifices of our military members and veterans. Our goal is to continuously improve our veterans Initiative in an effort to present a total program that improves the careers of our nations hero’s, our service to our clients and our total organization.

“We L.I.K.E. Vets” – FEBA Security is a Military Friendly Employer!